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About Bay O'Brien

up-close and personal

Allow me to introduce myself:

Photographer | Mama | Believer


Hi. Hey. Hello. My name is Bay O'Brien, named after Chesapeake Bay in Virginia where my grandparents lived, started the 'Chesapeake Bay Magazine' and sailed around the waters as my grandfather painted the landscapes.


I married my best friend and we created my favorite humans together. I am very much obsessed with Jesus and hanging out with my people. They are just the freaking best.


Connecting and creating is one of my biggest passions and I am so thankful that Jesus gave me to opportunity to do both.


My dream super power:

Go visit Heaven anytime I want

My spirit Animal:

ⓐ Tiger

ⓑ Golden Retriever

◉ Giraffe

In another Life I am a:

ⓐ Dancer

◉ Interior Designer

ⓒ Surgeon

What I hope to accomplish:

For my kids to think I'm cool

Guilty Pleasure:

◉ Ignore all responsibilities and read all day

◉ Nachos in bed

◉ Ignore all responsibilities and read all day while eating nachos in bed

my story

Phew, where do I even start? How do I give you just a glimpse into my "why" without word vomiting?

Hi, its me. A mama with a full heart, a creator, a dreamer to a fault.


All my life I have been creating. Making things new- seeing the beauty in the mundane. It is what sets my soul on fire.


Although I shoot a little bit of everything, it is the tiny humans of this world that make my heart swell the most. The wrinkly skin, the tiny fingers and toes, the chubby cheeks and belly giggles- ugh, it is all just the best. Just perfect teeny humans.


If I look back, I think I was always a pretty sentimental person but man, that went into overdrive when we had our twins. It was like God's grace right there in the flesh. I will never get over the fact that they are mine.


We wanted more babes, we tried for more. We lost three. It was the hardest 2 years I have ever experienced. So many tears- too much heart break.


I would be mourning, sob, then walk into work and cuddle and capture a newborn that wasn't mine. It was hard at first, in fact, soul crushing- holding a newborn in your arms but longing to holding your own, but over time, the heartache became peace and my work became my therapy. It never ceases to amaze me just what a miracle each of my tiny clients are.


My heartache fueled my passion. And now I like to consider myself a professional newborn and tiny human cuddler.


This passion has run into every aspect of my business- turning clients into friends and your dreams into a reality.



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