Dear Son

Dear Son,


I watch you.  I study you. I am in awe of you.


I watch you as you carefully reach out to hold your sister’s hand during a movie, hoping she doesn’t notice.  I study your heavy footsteps as you explore everything around you.  I am in awe of you and your conpassionate heart.  Dear Son, I am recklessly in love with you.


I look at you and I see peace.  YOU are my peace. You have always been my peace; since the moment God placed you in my womb. See, you entered this world strong. You were tough. You were courageous. You brought me stillness in time of dismay.  When I look into your deep green eyes, every fiber of my being feels peace.


I watch you.  I study you. I am in awe of you.


I watch you as you push your tractors in the dirt, digging your tiny hands in the soil.  I study you as you play gently with Scarlet. How willingly you are to give everything you have to your sister.  I am awe of you and the way your tiny soul praises Jesus.


Dear Son, your heart is full of compassion.  So pure and kind. Your hands spread love.  Your feet lead others.  Your soul reveals our Jesus. But, my dear son, this world is going to try and tell you what “man” is. It will try to trick you and morph you into its view of a man. To this selfish world, a man is based on his looks, on his height. To this egotistical world, a man is gruff, callous and ‘more than.’ To this world a man is not a man at all. My dear son, I pray that you always remember that you are a man, a man of God.  See, our Father, the one we so wildly adore is the perfect example of a man; faithful, wise, and humble.  He is patient. He is giving. He is forgiving.


My dear son, your heart  was created to do great things, to move mountains and to lead others.  Your voice was created to speak truth and to sing praises.  Your soul, your soul was created to bring peace.


I watch you.  I study you. I am in awe of you. Dear Son, you are everything.