Photographer | Mama | Believer 

 I am Bay O'Brien; a wife to the most amazing man, mother to twins-Snider Krew and Scarlet Jaymes, daughter to selfless parents, sister to my role models, and lover of Dr. Pepper.  I tend to eat dessert over a meal and often live my life through romantic comedies.  I survive on sweet tea and my sweet, sweet Lord.  I love life and give God praise for every second of it.


My vision is simple. I capture the beauty of God's creations.  I capture your baby's laughter, your daughter's twirl, your son's smirk, your husband's gentle kiss, your wife's glow and your life.  I take the moments that you spend together and the memories you create and turn them into priceless keepsakes.  I am not here to capture the poses but to capture your family, your life and your love.  


I look forward to capturing your priceless memories.